Why buy from Kleyn Vans?

Large, fast-moving stock
Kleyn Vans keeps more than 600 vans in stock. Between 50 and 100 vehicles come into stock each week. Our range includes all European and Asian brands, model years and price categories.

Accredited quality
As soon as a vehicle comes into stock, we subject it to a technical inspection under the supervision of TÜV. As standard, all the test report information is provided with the van in unedited form. We call this ‘accredited quality’.

Guarantee on relatively new vans
We offer a guarantee on relatively new vans. A surcharge applies in some cases.

Attractively priced
Our prices are not just based on the van’s characteristics such as brand, model and year of manufacture. We test each vehicle extensively and reflect the test results in the price.

Trading expertise you can trust
Throughout its 90-year history, Kleyn Vans has worked hard to build solid relationships with its customers. The large number of repeat customers demonstrates the success of this approach. We take all complaints seriously. If major unreported faults are discovered, we will refund all or part of the repair costs.

We are multilingual
At Kleyn Vans, our salespeople speak the customer’s language. Furthermore, our website is available in thirteen languages.

We understand our customers
The experienced buyers at Kleyn Vans have worked in this field for many years, so they know exactly what customers want and buy in accordingly.

Coordinating importation and shipping
We have a specialised department that arranges all the paperwork for you. Our worldwide presence and extensive experience means that we can provide expert assistance with importing, registering and shipping vehicles to almost any country in the world.

Rapid availability of (export) registration plates
We can quickly arrange registration plates and transfers of ownership. This applies to export registration plates as well. If necessary, your purchase will be inspected in our workshop prior to exportation.

Professional technical services
We perform the regular vehicle tests that are required by Dutch legislation (Algemene Periodieke Keuring or APK) in our workshop. We also undertake work on vehicle air-conditioning systems and cooling units. We possess the expertise and heavy lifting equipment to load multiple vans onto a truck or semi-trailer for you.

Peace of mind with ‘accredited quality’
At Kleyn Vans we will never claim that we only sell the best vans. Versatility is our great strength. Our range includes both nearly new and older vans. The most important thing for you is that you know exactly what you are buying. We offer a guarantee on relatively new vans, although in some cases, a surcharge applies. We offer ‘accredited quality’ on all the vehicles we stock. This means that we subject each van to a technical inspection under the supervision of TÜV as soon as it comes into stock. As standard, all the test report information is provided with the vehicle in unedited form. This allows you to compare vans more effectively than ever before and choose the one that satisfies your exact needs.

Why buy from us?

Buying made easy at Kleyn
You find a van on our website.
You place your order:
          on line,
          by telephone,
          via Skype or
          by e-mail.
We arrange the paperwork.
You collect your van,
Or we load it onto a transporter.
Our payment methods

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