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Are you looking for used catering vans? Searching for good refrigerated vans for your catering service? For catering companies, reliable and fitting catering vans are very important. Whether in the catering vans the food needs to be cooled or heated, demands a different interior of the catering vans. With the right interior for your food catering, you can be sure that your products are presented the way you intended and the way they looked before they were transported in the catering vans.

Are you using your catering vans to deliver or prepare foods on big parties and festivities? Maybe you can be rented to cook on location, which demands a lot from the catering vans that might be suitable for you? All different types of catering demand their own specific needs and our wishes for the catering vans that might be a good choice. Therefore, the best thing to do, is take a good look at the catering vans that Kleyn Vans has on offer for you at the moment. Looking at these catering vans is very easy, you can just do it online from your office or home. Because all catering vans come with clear pictures and an extended technical report. You can take your time online to read all about the catering vans that are interesting for you.

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All information on the catering vans is shared online.

Not only does Kleyn Vans provide you with plenty of catering vans to choose from, and is there the possibility to look at all those catering vans online. With us, you can see the technical state of the catering vans you are looking at right away. That is because in the extended inspection report that comes with all catering vans, we share all our findings from our inspection of the catering vans with you. As to assure you that this information on the catering vans is true and reliable, we asked the German supervising agency TÜV to control the transparency of the reports we share with you. What you read on the catering vans, is what we found out about them. In this way, choosing the right van for you, from all the catering vans, has become so much easier.

What do you find important for catering vans that are interesting for you?

Maybe you know already what brand of catering vans you are interested in. Possibly you have a very clear view on what kind of catering vans would lift your business to a new level of service. Or what catering vans would be less interesting for you and your business. The catering vans that supports your workday, you just need to find. Do you need to find catering vans that allow you to prepare food catering on the scene? Are you looking for catering vans that keep foods cold and refrigerated? Both demand different features of the catering vans that are interesting for you.

Therefore finding the ideal catering van can be a challenge. It could be that among all the catering vans we can offer you, you find it difficult to find the right catering van for you. Do not hesitate to ask our experts to help you finding just that van that will help you in your daily work.
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Tommy van Berkel, CEO Owner Tommy Style:

“One visit to and i was sold. Within a week I was driving my new company car from Kleyn Vans. That is something as a entrepreneur you can depend on!”

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