The transparent way to choose the Nissan that will make your workday so much easier.

When you are looking for a Nissan company car, you have many types of Nissan trucks and vans to choose from. The practical Nissan Navara or other Nissan 4x4, with its power to drive on rough terrain and enough space to store the gear you need for your workday. We offer you the true Nissan vans, the Nissan NV200, the Nissan Primastar and the Nissan Interstar, for transporting people or goods in a safe and comfortable way. Or in the little Nissan trucks we can offer you the Nissan Cabstar and the Nissan Atleon, that are perfect for commercial transport in urban areas. What kind of Nissan are you looking for? Find it at Kleyn Vans!

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Choose a good Nissan with a clear and transparent dealer.

Not only does Kleyn Vans offer you many Nissan vans to choose from. We are proud that we offer a clear inspection report with every Nissan, and every other van and truck. This makes it easy to read the technical specifications of the Nissan you are looking at. And you do not need to come to the Nissan you like, since the Nissan’s specifications can easily be read online. To be sure that this test report, we offer with the Nissan you like, is independent, the well-known German control authority TÜV supervises all reports.

That makes checking the state of your Nissan much easier and gives you the possibility to choose exactly that Nissan that will help you in your daily work. Also, it gives you a clear way of comparing the Nissan you like with another Nissan we offer or any other commercial vehicle that you like. Do you need more help with choosing the right Nissan for your business? Our professionals know everything about Nissan, commercial vehicles and businesses that depend on transporting goods. Let them help you to find exactly that Nissan that will be most beneficiary to you.

Would you like to buy your Nissan? Or do you consider leasing

Did you think about leasing your Nissan yet? Leasing the Nissan you drive, can be a smart and costs-efficient way to drive the Nissan you want. You need the Nissan you are looking for, for your daily work, but do you still need this car in a couple of months? Or might you be looking at a different Nissan at that time? When you are not sure if you will be needing your Nissan for a longer period of time, leasing your Nissan could be a very smart choice. Would you like to lease the Nissan you drive, but you do not have any experience with leasing? Or would you like help with calculating whether leasing your Nissan would save you money? The professionals of Kleyn Vans are there to answer your questions and assist you not only in choosing your Nissan, but assure that you drive your Nissan the way that is most beneficiary to you too.
Advantages of leasing a vehicle
Tax depreciation
Determine the duration yourself
Low interest rate
Investment deduction
No claim on your liquidity
Even lower lease amount possible due to final term deposit or vehicle trade in.

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