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Are you searching for good Berlingo vans for sale? Do you think the Citroen Jumper would be the best van for you? When you are searching for used Citroen vans, Kleyn Vans can be a very good source. Not only do we offer plenty of interesting Citroen occasions to choose from, but also we share all we know about these vans with our customers. Online you can not only check out the pictures and the description of our Citroens, but the complete inspection report too. On every van we acquire, we perform an extensive inspection. The complete technical state is documented. And shared with our customers. To make sure that our transparency in the reports in guaranteed, they are supervised by the German supervising agency TÜV.

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Help with finding the right Citroen vans.

Finding the exact Citroen vans that you are looking for, could be a challenge. What type of Citroen vans would be the smartest choice for you? Maybe you are not sure what used Citroen would fit your wishes best, maybe you like more than one of the Citroen vans. Than it is good to know the differences between the Citroen vans. For many questions, only an answer by a professional will truly help you. Contact our experts and we are happy to help you with all the questions you might have about the Citroen vans.

The classical Citroen H vans.

We all know the very classic Citroen H vans. The light trucks that were produced between 1947 and 1981, just like some vans from other brands from this period, it is an absolute beauty. And a very wanted vintage camper van! These Citroen vans are very recognizable as Citroens, in the way they look and even with your eyes closed… The sound of these Citroen vans is one of a kind.
One of our satisfied customers
Peter de Fockert, CEO / Owner Imagine Dance-Events:

“Exceeding the wildest dreams of our visitors. Bringing them an insane world of experience! That's our job. For this, we drive through the region day and night with all of our equipment and materials. Kleyn Vans found  a perfect company vehicle for us.”

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